Making My Sister Pregnant
(M/f, inc, size, preg)

by Kysa Braswell
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"ALL the way up in your little sister," Momma insisted.

Momma had caught the two of us making out. We weren't really fucking or anything like that, just feeling each other up, and kissing, and stuff like that. Momma caught us.

Boy was she mad! After yelling and screaming, calling Dawn a slut, and me even more unmentionable names, Momma finally calmed down. Or at least, she seemed to. What she did next, I still find hard to believe. At first, I figured that Momma had cracked. You know, gone over the edge. Loony-bin. That stuff.

Well, I guess Momma cracked all right. Cracked right out of her shell. Inside, Momma is a very kinky lady, and I guess she had been holding it back for years. Anyway, once she realized what we were doing, Momma decided (probably correctly) that no matter how much she screamed and hollered, we probably wouldn't stop sneaking around and playing with each other. So, she decided that if we were going to play around, we might as well do it right. In fact, that's what she told us.

"Huh?" I said. Dawn's mouth was gaping too.

"I said, if you're going to fuck around with your little sister, you might as well really fuck her, and do it right."

I still couldn't believe what I was hearing. My staid, prim, old-fashioned mother, actually telling me to fuck my own sister? No way!

Momma had just started, however. "You're not on the pill, are you?" she asked Dawn.

"Momma!" You could tell by the tone, that my little sister had never even thought of such a thing. I mean, you don't go on the pill, unless you plan on being fucked. Dawn was still a virgin.

Momma semi-apologized, "Well, you never know. Some kids get them from school, or the free clinic. They aren't allowed to notify parents any more, unless the kids tell them to."

Momma looked at Dawn even closer. "How long ago was your last period?" she asked.

Dawn thought a bit, then responded, "I dunno, about two or three weeks ago. Somewhere in there."

"Good," said Momma. "Now why don't you two get undressed, and do this properly."

"Kirk," she said, turning to me, "if you're going to fuck your little sister, you'll both be more comfortable on the bed."

Momma wanted me to fuck my sister? I looked at Momma in astonishment.

Momma's face clouded up again. "NOW!" she said, making us both jump. "I'd better see nothing but two naked bodies in your bedroom Dawn," she said emphatically, "in two minutes, or you're both going to be sorry!"

If there's one thing about Momma (Or Daddy, for that matter.) she doesn't threaten lightly. Dawn and I were moving before Momma finished her threat, shedding clothes as we went.

By the time Momma made her slower way into my little sister's bedroom, we were both naked as jaybirds, and sitting on the bed waiting. Momma still looked annoyed.

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" she asked. "I told you Kirk, fuck your sister. What's the matter, do I have to put it in for you?" she asked sarcastically.

"But Momma," wailed Dawn, "I'm too big for her! My penis is a very thick eight inches: it will never fit inside her. She's just too young; too small! Besides, we don't have any condoms! That's why we were just feeling around."

Momma looked as if she were going to blow her top. "Not in my house, you don't, young man!" she exploded. "As I said before, if you're gong to fuck, you're going to do it right. Now get started, or get the hell out!" Momma looked as if she meant it.

Well, at fifteen, I sure wasn't ready to leave home, and if I wasn't, my little eight-year old sister wasn't either. We looked at each other and shrugged. Well, if that was what Momma wanted, that's what she would get. If my little sister had a baby, well Momma asked for it. Somehow I knew that Momma would be overjoyed, if Dawn showed up with a big belly.

Dawn lay on her back; and I started sliding my cock inside her. Yep, just like that. No foreplay, no sucking cock, no twiddling her pussy. Just up and stick it in. After all, that was what Momma wanted, wasn't it? Besides, we had gotten hot and slippery enough, before Momma caught us. That, and the thought of actually fucking my little sister, and getting her pregnant, with Momma's permission yet, was unbelievably exciting. (Permission? Hell, Momma was almost insisting that I knock the kid up.) I did it, but it was not a pleasant scene. Dawn cried like a baby once I got past four inches, then she started screaming when Momma pushed my ass down, forcing a fifth and sixth fat inch into my baby sister. I pushed my big cock up inside my little sister's tight little hole, and gave her a belly full of seed right in her womb. Dawn let out a death scream when I slid through her hymen, then after about thirty minutes of hard fucking, stretching her little pussy to my girth, she was grunting and moaning as though she had been fucking for years. I did it, I admit it. I didn't mind raping the little girl right there in front of our Mom. Heck, I had Mom's blessing. The feel of the little girl's tight little slit squeezing and clamping on my already pre-cum leaking prick was too much. After all, I hadn't really been inside a girl before, let alone one as tight and horny as Dawn. I made about two big strokes, in about ten seconds, and I lost it. I pushed my cock up inside my little sister, and gave her what she wanted: a bellyful of her own big brother's incestuous sperm. That's when Momma said those words at the beginning of this story.

"ALL the way up in your little sister; all eight inches, honey," Momma insisted.

I grunted, and did my best. Pushing up as hard as I could, I did my best to plant as much of my baby-making seed as far up in the little girl's tight little belly as it would go.

Momma seemed to be satisfied. Once she had seen me do my best to impregnate my eight-year-old little sister, she calmed down a lot. Momma made it clear to both of us, that we could play around with each other all we wanted, we could even use birth-control, when she wasn't around, but not the pill. She just insisted that if we were going to play around, that at least once a month, we stopped playing, and did it right. Yeah, just what you think.

From then on, Momma practically ignored the two of us, and our almost constant sex-show. That is, unless we made it TOO obvious, or invited her in to watch. Once a month though, Momma insisted on watching the two of us fuck. She always made sure that Dawn was in the middle of her period, and that we didn't use any protection at all during that one time.

After the first time, Momma always insisted that my little sister go to bed without washing up afterwards, so that her big brother's sperm would have a chance to soak in. Then, for a month, she would leave us alone.

Don't get me wrong, Momma didn't insist that I impregnate my little sister. She just insisted that if the two of us were going to fool around, then at least once a month, we had to take our chances that I might make a baby in my little sister.

There's no way, that Dawn and I were going to stop fucking, once we started. Also, as you might guess, and Momma probably planned; we figured that if we were taking a chance part of the time, what difference did it make, the rest of the time. Except for a few days at the beginning, we didn't use any birth-control when Momma wasn't watching either. After a while, it got to be quite a kick, thinking I was planting a baby in my cute little sister's flat little tummy.

It took longer than you might think. Dawn had just passed her thirteenth birthday, when she finally missed her first period. By the time she was fourteen though, we were already working on a little sister for our son to fuck. By the time we celebrated her eighteenth birthday, Dawn had given birth to five of my babies, and the house was full of children.

Well, as Momma said, "If you're going to do it, you might as well do it right."

The End
Kysa Braswell
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