Daddy's Little Lover
(M/f, inc, size, oral, cons)

by Kysa Braswell
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Kari was only nine years old when my wife died in an automobile accident. She seemed to take the loss better than I did, and would often comfort me by saying everything would be all right...which should have been my job. Things were tough at first, getting used to doing things my wife had done before, being both Mom and Dad to Kari. The lonliness was almost unbearable, and eventually I submerged myself completely in my work to avoid the lonliness that came at night after Kari went to bed. I found it hard to sleep and would spend hours doing paper work, which in the end got me promoted at work, but the lonliness remained. Masturbation became my only means of sexual release. I didn't have time to date, and hookers weren't an option for me because of the time I spent with Kari. Late at night after she went to bed, I would plug in a X-rated video and jack myself off. I could always get a few hours of sleep after releasing my tensions this way, and it became more and more of a habit.

It had been a little over a year since the accident when it finally happened. It was around 2a and I was completely naked sitting in my recliner watching a fuck video on TV. I had a rock hard boner in my fist and was pumping my cock slowly, the precum providing lube. The blonde in the video was slowly sucking on the guys cock, and I remembered how good that used to feel. He laid her back and went down on her, slowly licking her thighs up to her neatly trimmed bush befor lapping her juices from her hole. Man, I could almost taste it! She then rolled over with her ass right in his face, and he began again to lick her again. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming. My balls had pulled up next to my body in antcipation of an explosive cum. The guy on the video pulled his face away long enough to insert a finger into her soaking cunt, then slowly leaned forward and stuck his tongue right up her fucking asshole. That bitch on screen looked so good I would have tongued her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the sight of this I couldn't hold back any longer. I stroked harder and could feel the cum welling up inside and begin its head long rush from my balls to the end of my cock... the I heard it!

"Daddy! ...Daddy?"

Oh my god, it was my 10-year old, Kari! Time seemed to be in slow motion, sorta like when you're seriously afraid and just cannot move.

"Daddy... what are you doing?" I couldn't stop. It was too late for that. My cock exploded and shot cum up onto my chest and stomach, squirting a dozen or more times, then dribbled down onto my hand, all while my daughter was watching not six feet away.

"Daddy, are you all right? What's the matter?"

My face was beet red as the last spasms were dribbling cum out of my cock and I grabbed my cleanup jizz-towel and tried to cover myself. The sheer goddamned embarassment of it all was overwhelming.

"Nothing's wrong Kari, you just scared the piss out of me." Pretty lame excuse, but I couldn't think of anything better at the moment. Then came the goddamned questions. Only a woman could ask such stupid shit, but hey, the kid didn't know any better... yet.

"Why are you naked Daddy? What were you doing? What are they doing on the TV?"

Shit, the TV! The guy was rubbing his cock on her cunt and getting ready to fuck her...I grabbed the remote to shut it off but I was still moving in slow motion, and as the guy was sinking his cock into her, I shut it off. I turned my head slightly to face her.

"I'm naked because I just got out of the shower and I didn't think anybody would see me. What a you doing out of bed baby girl?" trying to turn the conversation. I was at a distinct disadvantage though, sitting naked in a chair with a hand towel over my lap and cum on my chest, stomach, and hand.

"I was thirsty. What were you doing?"

"Never mind that, just get back to bed."

"Okay, but I'm still thirsty."

"I'll bring you glass in a minute, just get in bed." She left the room and I started to breath again. How embarassing! Cumming in front of my own daughter! Jesus fucking Christ, now there's a future trauma for the girl if there ever was. I can just hear her telling every boyfriend about it for the rest of her life: "I caught my Daddy jacking off to a dirty movie and he had cum all over him!" I finished cleaning the cum off of myself and put on my underwear and a robe. I got Kari a glass of water and went to her room, hesitating outside the door knowing I would be questioned again. I walked in confidently and set the water on her nightstand then sat on the edge of her bed.

"Daddy, what were you doing? What was the matter? Why were you jerking around like that on your thingie?"

"Well, nothing is really wrong, it's just that I miss your Mom a lot, just like you, but in a different way. We used to do things like what you saw on the TV, and I was just remembering that. It's called making love, and I loved your Mom and making love to her. I miss it a lot."

"Oh," she said. "But what happened to you, what was that stuff?"

"That's what a man makes when he makes love with a woman, that's all. It's sort of like proof that he loves her."

Hell, I was winging it here and I couldn't think of anything else to say. I didn't want to get into where babies come from.

"Oh," she said again, "but why were you moving around like that...did it hurt?"

"No, baby. It's just part of making love. I was pretending that I was making love with Mom, that's all, and you sort of scared me when you came in."

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to. I wish you could make love for real."

"It's okay. You get some sleep now. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

"G'night Daddy."

I was up the next morning and making breakfast when Kari came in the kitchen. I expected 20 questions again but she didn't say anything about the night before.

As she was eating I asked, "Do you want me to drop you off at school, or are you going to walk with Trisha?" Trisha lived down the block and was Kari's friend. I was hoping she would walk so I could get to the office early.

"I'll walk, Daddy. Trisha said she has a secret to tell me anyway."

"Great, that way I can get through in time to pick you up after school and we can decide how we'll spend the weekend!"

"Okay, Daddy. Bye." Kari got her backpack and left out the back door to go down the alley to Trisha's. I got my stuff together and headed to the office.

Kari was waiting in front of the school when I got there to pick her up, and Trisha was waiting with her.

"Daddy, can Trisha have a ride home with us?"

"Sure! Come on Trisha, get in. Your Dad's not picking you up today?"

"No sir. He said to walk home cuz he would be late."

"Fine, I'll drop you off then." The girls chatted as I drove the few blocks to Trisha's house and dropped her off. As I pulled out of the drive and headed to our house Kari asked, "Daddy, do you pretend to make love a lot?"

Oh, shit goddamn motherfucker! Here it comes, I thought.

"Well babe, that's kind of a private thing, but I do it every so often. Why are you asking? Did it scare you? I didn't intend for you to see that."

"No Daddy. It sort of scared me at first, I thought something was wrong till you said how it was pretend."

"Well, it's not something you do in public or anything. It's rather private by nature."

"Do you love me, Daddy?"

"Of course I do baby! Why do you ask that?"

"Well, I was just thinking. Since you loved Mommy, and you miss making love to her so much, and if you love me, why can't you make love with me so you won't have to pretend?"

My breath caught in my throat, my head spun! Did she understand what she had said!? She was asking me to fuck her, but she didn't even know what sex was. My 10-year old daughter loved me so much she was willing to have sex with me just to make me happy!

"Honey, we can't. That's something only mommies and daddies do." I was winging it again. How do you respond to something like this?

"But why, Daddy? That's not fair! Mommy's not here anymore, and we love each other. You even said so."

I know Kari, but it's just not right."

"It's because I'm just a little girl, isn't it? You don't think I could do it. I'd do anything for you, Daddy... anything you want me to."

"No baby, I know you could." Shit, that's not what I wanted to say!

"Is it because I'm not pretty like Mommy?"

"NO, I think you're beautiful!" This wasn't working... I felt like I was being manipulated. Maybe I was.

"Then, why not?"

"Mainly because it's against the goddamned law!"

"Oh," she said as I pulled into garage still reeling. I couldn't believe the conversation we had just had! Kari got out of the car and walked to the door looking depressed. Could she really understand what she had asked? I didn't know how to react.

"Go get cleaned up and come help me with dinner," I said as she went through the door. She didn't respond, just closed the door. Where in the fuck did she get this idea? I had mixed emotions as I sat in car and thought. In a way I was excited by the thought that my own daughter would want to have sex with me. On the other hand I was disgusted at myself for even considering it. I had seen videos and read books about incest, and had jerked off fantasizing about it. But to actually be confronted by it... and with a willing partner! At the very least she could give endless blowjobs and I could teach her to swallow. I shook my head... she's only 10, I said to myself. Get a grip you dumbass! She doesn't understand what she's asking. Besides, my nine-incher would seriously hurt her if I tried to fuck her on top of everything else. But, it would be nice to feel a warm body next me. I shook my head again. Stop it, I slapped myself back to reality!

I went in and changed and went to the kitchen to start dinner. Kari came in to help, but didn't say much. We ate in silence. She went to her room after helping clean up, and I went to my room also. I laid on the bed and began thinking thoughts I couldn't control. I was picturing my 4'8, 88-lb. Kari naked, her little undeveloped breasts with their pink nipples. Her totally hairless slit, the shape of her little asscheeks. Her pouty little lips, and the way her tongue was pointy when she would stick it out. I wondered how that would feel on my fat cock? God, what had happened to me? I was rock hard thinking of her, imagining what it would be like to have sex with a little girl. Not only a little girl, but my own fucking daughter! Without realizing how, I had my cock out and was jacking off thinking of her little body next to mine. Then a knock on the door.


Oh shit! What was I thinking!? I started to stuff my swollen cock into my pants..."Yes, Kari."

"Daddy, are you pretending again?"

"Yes," I said as I was zipping my pants. Shit! Why did I say that! With my cock in my pants now, I opened the door.

"What do you want baby?"

"I was just thinking, even if it's against the law, nobody would know. But you like pretending more."

At that moment I made a decision that would change both our lives. Looking down at my beautiful daughter I placed my hands on either side of her angelic face and said, "I don't want to pretend anymore. I love you very much and would love making love with you more than anything. And nobody has to know. Promise and cross your heart and hope to die if you ever told a soul... ever, okay?"

She smiled brightly. "Okay, Daddy! What do you want me to do first?"

An eager little beaver she was indeed. There was no turning back now. My cock was so hard it hurt. My daughter wanted to have sex with me and was willing to do anything I asked.

There are some things you'll need to know first. You need to take off your clothes, and I'm going to take off mine. Got it?"


She began to undress without any hesitation whatsoever. I began to undress as well, and as I peeled off my underwear my cock sprang straight up. I turned to face Kari. She was completely naked and looked exactly as I had pictured!

She saw my cock and said slowly, "Wow... it's so... so... BIG!" with a look of astonishment on her face. Without a word from me she reached out and placed both her little hands around the shaft. There was still over five inches sticking out from her beyond her hands as she stroked back and forth, peeling my long foreskin back over my cockhead ever so slightly, revealing only my piss slit. I almost blew my load right then and there seeing her little hands wrapped around my cock. She couldn't even begin to reach around its thickness (which is almost 8-inches in girth).

"Why is it so hard, Daddy?" she questioned," It's so hot too."

"That's because I love you so much, Kari. That's my cock."

"Your cock?"

I loved the way she said cock.

"Yes, baby. My cock." I reluctantly took her hand from my cock and sat on the edge of the bed. "This is my cock, and these are my balls, see?"

She looked at my scrotum and asked: "Why are they called balls?"

"Put your hand over them," I said. She placed her tiny hand over my ball sack and gently felt them... it was incredible!

"Oh, I see!" she said.

"Now," I said, "when I was pretending to make love before, that's called jacking off. That's what men do when they pretend to make love."

She repeated, "Jacking off." God she sounded sexy saying that!

"Come lay down next to me, babe," I said. She did and I gently touched her slit. "This is your pussy. But I usually call it a "cunt." This is where I put my cock. Just like on the video."

At this her eyes became wide, "I don't think it'll fit,Daddy... you're, uhm... REALLY big."

"Right now it won't, it would hurt you. But it will soon. We can do some other fun stuff until it will fit," I said.

"But I want to make love with you for real," she whined.

"There are lots of ways to make love, baby. I'll show you. And most people call it fucking instead of making love."

"Fucking?" I loved the way it rolled off her tongue.

"Yes, and the white stuff that came out of my cock when I was jacking off. You remember?"


"That's called cum.

"Cum," she repeated. "Do I make cum, too?"

"No baby, but it will be just as good. The cum came out of my cock because I had an orgasm. That's why I was jerking around. You'll have orgasms too, but you won't make cum."

"Oh," she said.

"Now let me show you something else." I moved in front of her on my knees and had her spread her legs a little.

"See your cunt? See how if I spread the lips here you can see this little bump?"

"Yes, Daddy. Mommy showed me how to wash there when I take a bath."

"Well, that's your clit. That's what will make you cum, or make you orgasm. Have you ever touched it?"

"When I take a bath. Mommy said not to rub it too much."

"That's because you were little then. You're not little anymore."

"I know that, Daddy!" she beamed.

"Okay, baby. Daddy's really horny right now. That means that my cock is hard for you and that it hurts. Daddy needs relief and only a pretty girl like you can provide it. See how swollen Daddy's balls are? That means I need to cum. Can you help me cum?" I asked.

"Yes! Tell me how Daddy!"

"Okay, I'll make sure you cum later, but I need to relieve myself really bad right now." I laid back on the bed with my huge cock sticking up in the air. "Come sit by me Kari...right here." I patted beside my hip. She moved next to me and I asked her to put her hand back on my cock. She reached over and put her pretty little hand on my cock just below the head. It looked so pretty!

"Now, keep a firm grip and move your hand up and down like this. See how the foreskin peels back when you do it like that and my cocktip peeks out?" I placed my hand over hers and guided her hand up and down on my cock. Precum was begining to leak out of the tip. "Baby, when I cum don't take your hand off my cock. Keep jacking it even if you get cum on you, all right?"

"Okay, Daddy. I want to make you cum," she said as she stroked me.

Hearing that sent me over the edge. My cock felt as if it enlarged even more as the cum welled up inside, in fact it was aching it was so swollen right now and I said, "I love you Kari, OhhhhhhhhhhhGODDAMNYEAH Motherfuck me!" as I started bucking my hips. She didn't let go but kept jerking me as the cum squirted from my cock onto my stomach. Jet after jet of hot jizz shot out my cock as my daughter jacked me off. It was if I had never shot a load before. I counted 23 full ropes of cum I had shot. My stomach was covered forming a little pool on my sternum and it began to run off onto the sheets, but she didn't let go. At last the spasms subsided and I was able to focus my eyes. What I saw was beautiful! My daughter with her hand still on my cock slowly pumping up and down with cum oozing down over her sweet hand.

"Oh Kari," I said, "I've never cum like that! Not even with Mommy." She beamed at knowing she had pleased me so much. I said she could stop and she took her hand away from my cock leaving long rivulets of cum clinging from her hand and fingers to my cock.

"What now, Daddy?" she asked. I wanted to snuggle with her and rub the cum on her sweet little innocent body, but I didn't want to turn her off either. I tried something else.

"See that cum on your hand Kari? Your Mom used to lick that off to prove she loved me." In fact, she had never let me cum in her mouth, but Kari didn't know that, and we had gone this far so I thought what the hell!

"Really?" she said and I nodded. Without any hesitation she brought her fingers to her mouth, stuck out her little pointy tongue and tentatively began to lick, then suck my cum from her little fingers. God, what a sight! I was already hard again and she quickly noticed. She scooped some off my belly and slid it into her mouth, coating her tongue with my life-giving seed.

"You really do love me don't you Daddy!"

"I sure do, baby," I said as she began to lick the rest of my cum off her fingers.

"This tastes kind of good, Daddy! It's real slippery feeling isn't it?"

"Yes it is... do you like that?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy! Do you want me to jack you off again?" she asked. It was exciting and nasty to hear my little girl ask if I wanted her to jack me off!

"Later baby, I want to make you cum now," I said. I rolled to one side and used the sheet to wipe the cum off myself, then stood up. Kari was still on the bed and I told her to lay down. I kneeled beside the bed.

"Kari, I'm going to try and make you cum by licking you cunt. If there is something you don't like just tell me, all right?"

"Okay, Daddy."

I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed so her ass was right on the edge and placed a pillow behind her head and shoulders. She was absolutely beautiful laying there! Her smooth skin and hairless slit looked better than anything I had ever seen. I leaned forward and gently, very gently, kissed her prepubesent tits. Then her chest, tummy and finally her thighs.

"Do you like that, baby?" I said.

"It feels kinda good, Daddy. It sort of tingles."

I took my fingers and gently spread her slit, then touched her clit with the tip of a finger.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"It tingles a lot, Daddy!"

"Good, baby, I'll make you cum like I did." With that I leaned over and softly kissed her hairless cunt while running my hands up her body to her shoulders. The smell and taste of her 10-year old cunt was incredible! I knew I could cum without even touching my cock if I let myself go, but I held back. I was eating my daughter's young hairless cunny! I used my tongue to spread her pussy lips and tried to stick it up her hole. I licked up and down her slit and then concentrated on her prepubesent clit. At this she started to wiggle her hips a bit and I placed my lips over her mound and gently sucked. She instictively hunched my mouth and I began to use my tongue again. She moaned a little whimpering sound and I knew I was going to make my 10-year old lover cum! I covered her mound again with my mouth and concentrated on her clit with my tongue. She was making gurgling noises as she writhed on the bed. This was one hot little bitch! Then I felt her little body stiffen and go taunt and she let out a loud cry.

"Mmmnnnnnggggnnnn Daddyyyyyy!"

My baby was cumming in my mouth! She continued to hunch my mouth a few more times and then went limp. I looked up to see her beautiful face with her eyes closed and breathing heavily.

"Was it good, baby?" I whispered with my lips still brushing her pussy.

"Oh, Daddy... ..that felt so good! Are we going to do it again?"

"Oh yes, baby. That and more. We have all weekend to ourselves! And if you want, I'll shoot all my cum inside your mouth next time. Would you like that baby doll?"

"God yes, Daddy, that would prove you loved me so much; that would make me so happy."

Who was I to disappoint a child? I had lots of work ahead of me.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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