Mom Takes It Black
(M/F, ir, size, rel)

by Kysa Braswell
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Squeezing one breast with his long strong black hand, he ran his other hand down feel her soft stomach and hips. Every square inch of her abdomen was caressed, while his other hand continued to knead her breast. Then he reached down and squeezed her asscheeks. His fingers teased her ass crack and ran back up to squeeze the fleshy mound of her asscheeks. The bitch is so sexy and hot, he thought to himself. Their bodies were now throbbing in sexual excitement and the wet heat in the room was quite apparent.

He now wanted to see her huge breasts. He reached behind her and unclipped her DD-cup bra. It fell down in front revealing the enormously ripe mounds of titflesh. Manx gasped as his excitement at being presented with the most incredibly sexy sight he'd seen in a long, long time. Her large nipples were pink and rested like two crowns upon the soft mounds. His fingers grasped the twin crowns and tugged at them. He twirled them in his fingers slightly enjoying, the rubbery resilience. He tugged at them as if he wanted to tear off her nipples. Helena was shouting in pain, as twisted, pulled and tugged at them painfully. They stood out like two little cylinders. He was absolutely merciless as he tugged at them, ignoring her cries of pain.

"Bitch, this pain is nothing. I'm going to give you such a hard time that you will die in sheer pain."

He now started to suckle one of her tits. His thick tongue felt rough against her soft nipples and excited her. "Do you have some milk for me honey?" he asked mockingly. Then holding one nipple fully twisted he started to bite the first one. He held it between his teeth and pulled it forward. It stretched a good inch, before protesting. Beyond this it could give away. The rubbery resilience was too exciting. He held in stretched for while and the other nipple twisted and watched her protest in deep pain. She tried her best to push his head away, but he was too strong for her. She grabbed his hair and pulled them, but he only seemed to enjoy the pain.

He slid his hands down to crotch and started to finger her moist cunt. He slowly worked his thick finger into her tight cave, moving inside and pressuring the sensitive bud of her clitoris. He ran his finger along the short length of her clit, slowly increasing the pressure upon it, while probing her cunt deeper and deeper with every stroke. Helena ground her cunt upon the invading finger, enjoying the feel of the rough finger. As she started move steadily, Manx inserted a second finger and fucked her cunt lustily, while chewing on her tits. He could feel her cunt release a steady stream of hot oils, and the pleasure she felt was obvious by her moaning.

Manx could feel her body shudder now and Helena moaned loudly. Yes, the bitch was having an orgasm. He released her tits. They were inelastic and they stayed stretched. They throbbed painfully, while Manx went back to suckling on them gently. He waited for her recover from her orgasm and continued to chew upon her fat nipples, twisting and stretching them to suit his pleasure.

Helena did not like it the beginning. But slowly she realized it gave her a lot of pleasure to be used like this. In fact she felt her cunt water profusely. She had felt a rush of sexual fluids inside her cunt when he held her tits stretched and cunt fucked by his fingers, and shuddered her way into her first orgasm.

"Bitch, it's my turn now," he said pushing her away and standing up. "Go and park your ass on the bed." She sat down. He came towards and dropped his pants and displayed his cock to her. "Kiss it." She stared at the monstrous 10-inch black prick. She kissed the purple head. It was oozing precum... lots of it, and it seemed to drool for her. He ran the tip across the face and moist tip of his prick glided easily across the smooth surface of her skin. It was now throbbing and grown to an enormous size. It scared her. "Suck it, goddamnit," he said in one simple word, pushing his uncircumcised cock upon her lips.

He taught her how to unsheathe the foreskin from the broad cockhead and hold it that way. She opened her moist mouth and he moaned as he pushed his cock into the willing container. He grunted as her soft mouth settled upon the sensitive tip of his cock. He held his shirt up to give her complete access to his sex. He taught her to suck the full length and run her tongue around it. He instructed to play with his asscheeks and ass with one hand, while toying with his heavy balls with the other.

Soon she became adept at it. She licked the length of the throbbing cock, all the way down to his balls. She took one of his balls in her mouth and sucked on it. The smell of his sweat, crusted semen (from the morning) and the fresh urine, was an incredible turn on. She had hated this before?!! She could feel her cunt watering again and soon she was at it hungrily. The soft meaty skin of his cock, ball sack and their underside was unbelievable. Every now and then she would stop sucking and start licking him down his ass and back.

He fucked her face at steady pace as she sucked on him like a whore, calling out to her with the choicest of words. "You whore, you are my personal whore, bitch, suck my cock good, you cock sucker," and the like. "Suck my cock good, bitch, you were born to suck my cock you bitch," he went on exciting her with his crass parlance.

A painful load of semen was building up in his balls. It was refusing to surface itself, despite the lusty face fucking Manx was doing. He instructed her to insert a finger into his ass. Though shocked at the thought, she hesitatingly did it. "Fuck my ass with that finger, harder, harder!" he commanded, dragging her face closer to his crotch, yanking her painfully by her ears. As the flames of passion enveloped his body in increasing surges, he twisted and turned ears, or yanked her hair in proportion to intensity of pleasure that he felt. He felt a gush of semen rise up from his balls, but to his chagrin, it subsided, leaving him with the pain of a denied ejaculation.

The bitch was having a second orgasm, and he was so close to his own and yet so far. He cursed her again and fucked her shuddering body more vigorously than before. She shouted out loud and let his cock drop from her mouth. Pushing his cock back into her mouth, he instructed her to insert a second finger into his ass hole. She did with force that he was unable to believe. He fucked himself on her fingers, yanking her hair and ears from side to side, when he felt her shudder again. She continued to feel waves of pleasure rip through and she fingered his ass hole with great force as her orgasm incarcerated her body, taking control of her completely.

Manx felt her fingers go deep into the moist depths of his ass as she came, and the very next instant, a gush of semen ran up the pipe of cock and leapt into her mouth. The relief was so extraordinary and Helena also loosing control, his gun came out of her mouth and fired ropes of thick semen in all directions, much like a machine gun dropping from the hands of a hit soldier and firing at random. Each jet seemed longer and more voluminous than the previous one. He pulled her back, stuck his cock back into her mouth, letting the last two jets go down her mouth. Helena coughed and struggled to swallow the load. The first three ropes of semen had already wetted her face, breasts, lay in sticky viscous dots and puddles all over her body and the floor. God, this bitch could drive him crazy.

Helena felt weak. But Manx did not seem any where near satisfied. He turned around and presented his ass to her. He pulled his asscheeks open revealing the moist puckered ring of his ass. Helena looked it in fascination. Nestled between the dark chocolate mounds of his asscheeks, his anus seemed to be a deep violet, gray, and black in color. He once again said simply "suck." Helena shriveled up her nose, wondering what this was all about. Swallowing hard she came forward and gently, very gently sniffed at his crack. It smelled damp, damp from his sweat.

Taking courage from the fact that it was not noisome in odor, she extended her tongue flicked it along the length of his cleft, not touching his ass. Manx shuddered when her tongue touched the most secret part of his body, secret from all but his bitches. She got used to it soon enough. She relieved his hands and pulled the cheeks apart herself and started to worship his ass. She ran her tongue up and down, ignoring the anus to tease him. Manx's tool was stiffening again.

"My ass you whore, suck on my ass," he exclaimed!

Soon Helena tongue was upon his ass. She licked it and started to suck into to it. Manx's prick was hardening and now beginning to throb. She drilled into his anus with her tongue, enjoying the erotic quality of his nether passage. Her face was flush against his ass and her nose buried into the moist cleft. She liked this too. She couldn't believe that she be this naughty and enjoy it too.

Manx was muttering invectives and grinding his ass on her pretty face. This bitch had no inhibitions. She would make a good lover. She was running her tongue in and out of his ass, licking inner surfaces and the surroundings, slurping and sucking loudly, giving him a tremendous hard on. It was time for fuck.

Manx turned around lifted her and dumped her on the bed. In one easy yank he brought her skirt and panties down. He looked at the pink gash and gasped. Helena spread her legs and looked at him with a scared expression. She had heard that fucking could be painful. She could not tell just how painful.

Manx bent down to kiss her cunt. He forced his middle finger into the moist opening and decided that it was ready for a fuck. There was plenty of hot oil to guide his cock in, thanks to his efforts earlier. He spread her legs wide and placed a pillow under her asscheeks. He then guided his tool and placed it upon her vaginal opening. Grabbing the mounds of her ass he thrust forward. Helena shouted as pain ripped through her body with Manx's cockhead entering her so forcefully.

Manx was in pain too as the foreskin of his penis peeled and the sensitive head entered the tight gash. He was used to this pain and he loved it. Even when he cleaned himself, he had to expose the sensitive head to rid it of the encrusted semen.

Manx thrust into her again, but this time he clamped down on her mouth to prevent her shouting. He could feel the tight walls of her cunt stretch to accommodate him. He thrust into her again and again, flexing his asscheeks and moving forward savagely into her moist tight cave.

Helena had never felt pain like this. It seemed to split her body in two. To top it all, his heavy hands held her face down and she didn't have any freedom of movement. Manx thrust into her again and again, each time he had succeeded in penetrating her more. Every other stroke, he would withdraw a bit and thrust back into her savagely. Helena cried, tears flowed down her face copiously. She could not control herself. She wanted scream, shout, cry, hit him, push him away. But no, he was too strong for her.

Soon the battle was over. It seemed too short for Manx and too long for Helena. He released the grip on her face and let her settle. He had cum twice so far that day, and this third one would be long. He adjusted cock, thrusting into her and stretching her cunt and getting her ready for the best part.

She lay on the bed whimpering, wondering what she done to deserve this. Soon she was surprised. All the gentle thrusting that Manx was now doing was giving her another orgasm. She started to buck her hips and impaled herself upon his shaft. Manx was smiling. She could see his teeth gleaming, despite her blurred vision. She collapsed on the bed after a wild orgasm. Manx could feel a rush of fluids against his engorged cock. It allowed some freedom of movement. He started to fuck her, gripping the soft flesh of her ass in his big palms.

He clamped his hands down on her breasts and squeezed them every time he moved in. Rhythmically, he thrust into her causing her whole body to shudder physically. On and on, relentlessly, he fucked her. They started somewhere in the middle of the bed and Helena head was now in the danger of hitting headboard. Her eyes were closed and she was getting ready for her fourth orgasm. She could feel a build up of pressure as she locked legs around his tight little anus, and let him fuck her to suit his pleasure.

He would draw back, unflex his ass and thrust forward, flexing it. He went through the motions with great force and lust. His third orgasm of the day would be hard to come by. Helena lifted her ass to receive his thrusts instinctively. She wanted to impale herself fully. Soon she was bucking and her stomach tightened and Manx felt another rush of fluids inside her cunt. She was having her fourth orgasm.

Manx thought that it was the time to change positions. The last ten minutes of thrusting had lead to nothing. He yanked his cock out with a whoosh and flipped her body around with ease. Before Helena knew it, her ass was facing Manx and was being raised upward. He parted the globes and bent down to tongue her moist crack. he ran his tongue up and down tasting the soft rubbery flesh of her ass and kneading the globes of her asscheeks.

Helena enjoyed his thrust her ass back on his face. She moved in rhythm with his attention, unflexing her ass to the extent possible. This was too good to be true. All the pain in her cunt seemed to have vanished. There pleasure, an enormous amount of pleasure. She felt her muscles strain and if an ass could cum, she would have cum at that moment. Manx ran his tongue up and down her crack slapping her asscheeks till it looked red in pain. Every time he slapped her, the flesh of her asscheeks wobbled sexily and Helena whimpered sexily. Whack, whack, whack... he went while slurping and sucking on her ass. He inserted his finger into her ass and toyed with the moist recess. Then he went back to sucking the distended hole. The musky odor of her ass was making him rock hard and he decided he would fuck her now.

Adjusting himself, he placed his cockhead in entrance of her twat and thrust inward. He got entire length in, in one stroke. He reached and held her nipples stretched and started to fuck her. Unflexing his ass, he would swing forward and bang against her cervix, flexing his ass involuntarily and then back. "Fuck me, oooh ggooddd, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed.

He held her hair and yanked it as he slammed into her. "Take it bitch, take my seed, you are my whore you bitch, I'll make you town whore soon. Take it, take my seed."

He fucked for some 35 minutes and still not seeing any signs of an orgasm, he pulled out and turned around. He sat down on her stomach, laying the sweaty flesh of his asscheeks on her stomach.

She breathed out to accommodate the weight of his body as the flesh sacks of his asscheeks cushioned down on her stomach. What was going to do now she wondered? She got her answer soon enough, when started to slap her breasts with his hard erection.

He grabbed her breasts and folded them around turgid length, moving his cock back and forth. His cock was banging against her chin her breasts masturbated his cock slowly. He was cursing again intermittently, and every time he moved forward, the skin of his penis peeled, revealing the purple cockhead. Helena watched in fascination, the contrast between his black cock and her milky white breasts, and the purple head. He was moaning and pushing himself in a desperate frenzy. His teeth gritted in anger or pain, Helena could not tell, his eyes closed and face covered in impatience.

She ran a finger along the length of his ass crack slowly, hoping it would sex him more and quickly realized success as he started to grunt deeply, increasing the speed of the tit fucking. Her attentions were making the little strands of hair in his crack stand up in attention. Gently and softly, she traced sexy lines on his crack. "Yes bitch, that's the way, keep it going bitch, you are real slut," he screamed fucking her tits with ardor.

Then when he least expected it, she shoved her finger into his ass and sent the whole length in, in one thrust. He grunted deeply, felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure. He quickly removed him self and moved between her legs, He wanted to cum in her.

Holding her by the hemispheres of her ass, he thrust into her again, gliding in easily in one stroke. He started fuck in long hard strokes, probing her cunt in all directions. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...." He thrust deeper and deeper, till he was banging in against her cervix. She reached back to the knead the mounds of his asscheeks as he thrust into her, pulling him toward her and impaling herself by lifting her ass up to meet with his thrusts. Her ass was totally flexed now as she increased the pressure on his cock, choking its length, in an attempt to squeeze his cream out.

Realizing that her lover loved anal stimulation, she then inserted her finger back into his anus, this time three, and every time he moved back to thrust into her, he fucked him upon her fingers. She probed him hard and deep and started to shout, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... aaarghhh, aaaaah, yes, yes, yes, yes!" as the flames of her orgasm hit her.

Soon he was grunting deeply and shooting his cum into her. His seed exploded like a silent bomb from his cannon and sprayed his creamy sperm into her womb. It seemed flood her insides completely. Manx collapsed upon her. She hugged him tight and kissed him all over his face. They just lay there with his body covering her and her hands kneading his asscheeks, lovingly.

He fucked her two more times in the next hour. Helena was a real woman now.

Outside, her mother watched the young bodies writhe in lust, with glazed eyes. She thought to herself, 'Damn this shitfaced nigger... look at what he's doing to my daughter... that goddamned motherfucker....

Her daughter seemed to love this, she was pissed but yet she was wet than fuck she found herself wanting to touch her on pussy. But she knew wanting a black was not right but she wanted some of that big black cock for herself she stood there wishing that was her being fucked liked that she had a little dick white husband instead she thought maybe I should have tried a black cock a long time ago.

The End
Kysa Braswell
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